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What is a content strategy?

It’s pretty simple. A content strategy is a documented plan that outlines your content marketing goals and helps you identify the stories and experiences that will help you achieve them.

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Why do you need a content strategy? 

That’s pretty simple too. Without a content strategy, you’re basically taking shots in the dark, creating piecemeal content that isn’t as effective as it should be, and working off of hunches instead of solid data.


At the end of your campaign, quarter, and annual cycles, you can’t even evaluate your success because you never had a strategy to begin with. 

Conversely, with a well-crafted strategy you can…

  • Make better decisions. 

  • Keep everyone on the same page. 

  • Stay accountable. 

  • Improve your resource and budget allocation. 

Our Step-by-Step Approach

1. Review Your Business Goals

We review your high-level goals to ensure we build a content strategy that helps you achieve them.

2. Do a Content Audit

We identify what your content ecosystem currently looks like, what’s missing, and how we can improve.

3. Review Your Tech Stack

Get a snapshot of the tools, technology, and resources you currently use.

4. Document Your Content Strategy Goals

Define measurable goals that keep your team accountable.

5. Identify Your Personas

Understand who your audience is, what they’re interested in, and how we can serve their needs.

6. ​Map Your Customer Journey

Identify what people need to hear at each stage to make sure your messaging is consistent and effective. ​

7. Determine Your Measurement Approach

Identify the Key Performance Indicators that will help you quantitatively measure your success.

8. Choose Your Channel Mix

Identify what channels will help you reach your personas.

9. Creating a Content Pipeline

Get a high-level view of your content priorities and opportunities.

10. Brainstorm Campaigns

Create content that tells a cohesive story in support of a specific goal.

11. Build Your Editorial Calendar

Maintain a steady publishing cadence.

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