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strategic branding proposition

Strategic Brand Proposition.

A strategic brand proposition is the first part of the equation that we need to solve when it comes to creating a successful corporate branding solution. Why? Because creative solutions work best when they are based on a solid strategic platform.

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This is because a brand needs to represent the values and views of those who own or run it.


It, therefore, has to be founded upon their standards and principles, their morals and ethics, and their beliefs and opinions.

An amalgamation of views does not mean a weak compromise, however, nor will it result in a lack of clarity – far from it, in fact. It is about focusing on who you are, how you wish to be perceived, and where you want to go.

It is about focusing in on all your best bits to create the best possible character and personality for your business.

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In a competitive marketplace, where others may compete on price or have a much larger marketing budget, a strategic brand proposition will make all the difference.


In today’s world more than ever before, people buy from brands they trust and admire. And that means your brand has to be ethical and authentic.

We have developed a five-pronged approach to ensure that your brand voice is as distinct as possible, to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Our Approach


We will create a meaningful vision for your business that conveys the passion and purpose of your organization to ensure that your inherent ‘reason for being’ is clearly understood by both customers and staff – done properly, the message should be highly aspirational.


We will determine the virtues of your organization, highlighting the skills, qualities, and abilities of your people, the unique features and benefits of your products and services, and the systems and processes you have in place, as well as any intellectual property and commercial knowhow contained within the organization as a whole.


We will establish and describe the most important values that your organization wants its internal stakeholders to abide by; values that are admirable, inspirational, and credible – so that they are authentically conveyed by everyone who represents your business when communicating with all stakeholders, both internal and external.


We will identify the core views you have as an organization that define how customers and staff should be treated, as well as any wider beliefs about how your marketplace should operate to deliver the best outcomes for its customers, so there is complete clarity about the corporate principles which guide your business decisions.


We will agree on the vows you wish to make to both customers and staff so that you can create powerful service charters for use externally and internally in order to set the standards by which you wish your people to be measured by.

Our approach to the creation of a strategic brand proposition helps us
understand the value proposition of your organization within your marketplace
in comparison with your competitors.

It ensures we accurately reflect the culture of your business
in the way that it is marketed to prospects, and it will enable you
to develop long-term trust with customers too.

We will create a brand pyramid that combines all of these factors into one easily understandable visual schematic so that every member of staff is able to comprehend the essence of your brand – it’s a really helpful approach when it comes to recruiting the right type of staff for your organization too.

We all know that any company is only as good as the people who work for it, so this will give you a massive head start when it comes to attracting best-in-class employees. The workforce of today demands more than just a salary.

Apart from all the normal benefits you might expect, many of them also want to work for an organization that offers a greater sense of purpose to their working life, and an implicit belief that they are working for the greater good of society, even if it is in some small but important way.

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A brand needs to exemplify the mindset and attitude of your organization in an implicit rather than an explicit way if it is to be perceived by all parties to be a meaningful proposition, and that is why it is such a crucial part of the marketing mix.

Get it right, and we’ll build you a bold and bulletproof vision statement to share with the world. Very few organizations understand the strategic side of corporate branding, which means you’ll have a huge competitive advantage if we create one for you.

The Essence

We’ll help you to create a powerful corporate branding solution for your organization
that is both strategic and creative in nature to ensure that
your brand stands out from the crowd in every possible way.

Ready to Create a Strategic Brand Proposition for Your Company.

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